Posted: April 15, 2009 in Random

I know that there has been a lot of talk about Pirates these last couple weeks, because of an incident with some Somali terrorists.  It’s a very interesting and provocative topic when you think about it, because it’s strange to think that “pirates” actually still exist.

I’m sure there are lots of sad family members and people in the news may be genuinely concerned (probably not though).  But my main concern is the attention and lack of action.  I realize that we aren’t talking Jack Sparrow with cannons and a beat up ship, but can’t the Navy of the various countries that have lost ships and residents really not blast these guys out of the water?

My only point in bringing all of this up is that we live in a world that is so modern and so progressive, but still can’t get solve some really basic things.

For instance…we can communicate instantaneously with people around the world, but we can’t keep people from illegally crossing our borders in broad daylight by running through the desert.  We can shoot a missile down out of the sky as it travels faster then the speed of sound, but we can’t figure out that a culture that has no unchanging standards will implode.  We can do surgery on a baby in the womb, but we make it as easy to get divorced as making $50. We can literally split an atom that we can’t even see, but we let our kids be influenced by everyone but us and wonder why they are screwed up.

Pirates are the least of our problems.


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