A “Traditional” Church

Posted: April 21, 2009 in Church Leadership, Theology

Tradition: something habitually done.

That’s pretty much the definition.  Not really a problem with being traditional…especially if it’s eating healthy, playing with you kids every day after work, witnessing to your lost friends, and exercise.  In my world though, Church Staff/Church Planting, being a “traditional” church will get you tossed from the discussion or get you totally ignored. I’m guilty of doing that and honestly I don’t think I’m correct in taking that approach.

Here is why…

Being traditional isn’t the problem when you are consistent on Sunday and continually see life change at your church.  If you continually deliver an excellent sermon, create a worshipful atmosphere and glorify and worship God in your services then keep practicing that habit or be traditional.  However, if you are doing the same thing, week after week, and you are ritualistic even when you know your services aren’t producing the intended results then shame on you.

I actually believe that those churches that get lumped into the “traditional” category are more guilty of being unhealthy about tradition Monday – Thursday, which is why they get the same thing on Sunday mornings.  It’s also why “contemporary” churches will eventually become traditional churches when they get in a rut albeit on a different path.

What’s the remedy?

The solution in my mind, is to constantly tweak how you come up with what you offer on Sunday morning, who you are influenced by, where you hangout and what you read.  If you want to produce life change and affect your community you can’t keep going through the same motions on a weekly basis and expect the results to continue.  Just ask your personal trainer…


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