Posted: April 30, 2009 in Church Leadership, Random

There are so many things in life that are based on flavor or taste.  What preacher you listen to, what TV show is your favorite, or what restaurant you frequent the most.  It’s also the frustrating thing for someone on the outside hoping to bust into your world and get people to check out their product.  They want you to be as loyal to them as you are to your current church, Monday night show or Burrito joint.

So what’s a business, pastor, eatery to do?

I think the answer is in a little thing called copying.  I’m all for innovation and pretty excited about coming up with something that I say, write or do that is totally mine.  However, what’s wrong with taking an idea and making it better?  Seriously, it’s what Apple did to get the iPod.  Did they really invent the MP3 player?  Heck no, and they didn’t invent head phones or listening to music either.

Instead they looked and saw a need (that most people didn’t even know they had at the time…except those people with no spot for their 100 CD folder) and managed to invent a product that kicked butt.  The correlation to the church world and business is the same.  It’s gonna be difficult to preach a totally original sermon, or invent a product that nobody has attempted to make, or serve a burger better then anyone has tasted.  Just look at the references in the last book you read (unless its the Bible) and see how many references are mentioned.

If you want to make a lasting impact, you have to ingest enough good stuff from blogs, books, classes, conferences, and listening to a wide array of leaders so that good stuff just comes out when you blog, teach, and lead people.

Heck, even that thought’s not original with me.  Its something I stumbled upon in a book by John Maxwell years ago.


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