Not a good day…

Posted: May 25, 2009 in Random

It’s a Gratto trait to have what to others would be a lifetime combination of errors, all happens in one day.  However, since my last name ends in Gratto…tonight was pretty ridiculous, but also pretty routine.

I wanted to go hear Andy Stanley in person and learn what I could from his style, delivery, etc. After all I’m teaching at Fuel on Wednesday and I expect to teach more in the future, so I want to get some tips and tricks.  So, I do the smart thing and I check up on the series and double check to make sure that they did have child care for my two boys. We are set, so Carrie and I grab the boys, get in the hand-me-down Trailblazer and take off.

About 3 miles down the road, on the 40-minute trip, the gas light comes one (we are already behind schedule at this point).  So, we pull into the gas station and pump some gas…it’s slower then squeezing toothpaste, so we only get a couple gallons.  We get going again and it starts to rain.  For some reason, one of the wipers are only hitting half of the glass.  About two miles down the road it flips over.

Now, its pouring and I’ve got one windshield, with one scraping the glass, Micah is making a racket because of the noises…and then I get an important phone call.  I take the call and drive with no windshield wipers, because I couldn’t hear anything.  As I’m talking I realize that I missed my exit, so I try to get off the phone gracefully and then figure out another way, which of course only makes us later.

We finally arrive at the Buckhead Campus and we pull into the parking garage.  The kids are out and we are standing at the Elevator.  It says to go down to Preschool.  So, we push the button over and over and finally give up and just go up, which are actually where the classes are located.

We get off the elevator and we are immediately in front of the Wamba Land sign.  To our complete dismay they have a nice note saying have a great Memorial Day…we are closed!  Carrie and I look at each other and just smile.  So, we head to the service with all of the other parents expecting childcare.

We arrive get our seat in the back row and the real fun begins.  Todd Fields is leading worship and every time the colors change Micah screams out the color…going well, huh?  Then Todd tells a story about his grandmother as Micah is telling us, “let’s go Daddy!” over and over (no music at this point either).  Finally, he finishes the worship set and just as the last chord rings out and Todd starts to pray, Micah lets out a “YEAH! at the top of his lungs and starts clapping.

Yep, the closest 200 people turn around to see what weirdo parents brought their two-year old into the service.  We get him calmed down (he thinks you clap and cheer after every song) and Todd says Amen…at least Andy will be there to speak.  At this point, I’m expecting Mr. T to be preaching.  Can you guess what happended next?

No Andy, just a video and there is no chance Micah and Jude are watching a sermon on video on our laps for 35 minutes.

If my night had ended there, I might be in a mental hospital, but I made a wrong turn trying to get back to 400 and the Lord saved me from a stroke….it was the Pearly Gates, or Chipotle (depending what denomination you are).


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