“Push the button!!”

Posted: May 31, 2009 in Random, Theology

There is an infamous story that we sometimes refer to around the Oak Leaf offices as “push the button!”  Basically, I was on the phone from a guy from India, who represented Intuit (Quickbooks), and he was repeating over and over company policy instead of refunding our money when they charged us to do something they didn’t actually do.  So, I told him to push whatever button he needed to push to refund our money…it eventually happened.

I was thinking about Jesus the other day and I wonder if He had a “push the button experience.”  Jesus is often credited for not sinning despite being tempted in every way.  In every way means exactly that, He faced every temptation, yet turned them all down.  I’m not sure of this, but I think that His greatest temptation was to actually not “push the button.”

Here is what I mean…

You probably remember the path to His crucifixion.  He was hunted down, arrested, tried, beaten, whipped, humiliated, and then stabbed by some nails.  I often wonder if there was a time, maybe right at the point when they stuck the “crown” of thorns into his head, that He didn’t feel like grabbing the thorns, tossing them down and then “pushing the button.”

The button I’m referring to is the one that would send Gabriel and a 1000 of his angel buddies down to earth to thrash Pilate and all of the Jewish leaders who were beating and mocking Him.  Can you imagine sitting on that much power and not using it when its at your finger tips and your discretion.  That’s some serious self-control and I’m super glad He resisted.

I think I would have “pushed the button.”


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