Me Against the World

Posted: June 4, 2009 in Church Leadership, Random

There are lots of approaches people can take in trying to accomplish their goals or the vision they believe God gave them.  I imagine that most people would recommend trying to work with others to help both parties win.  Others, would attack obstacles like its them against the world.

Roger Federer is one of those “me against the world” players in the professional sports world, because of his approach to tennis.  For many years he didn’t have a coach, all the while quickly becoming one of the most decorate pro tennis players ever.  Over the last two years however, others (who have coaches) have caught up.  Just this year he has decided to get a coach as he has realized that others understand his game and no longer fear him.

As I start my journey toward planting a church I constantly find myself fighting this internal battle to involve others, to trust them, believe in their motives, and yet understand that we (human beings) aren’t naturally selfless, encouraging, trusting and interested in seeing other succeed.

I’ve been warned not to expect those who I would assume would be huge supporters to get behind the calling God has given me (minus my wife) and to expect funding, support, prayers, etc. to come from unlikely sources.  So far, I’m pretty certain that “they” are right.

It makes me want to try and do it completely by myself, but I know that God wants the Glory, that others need to be stretched, and that God will use His Church to spread the Gospel.  It’s going to take more then just one family that is willing to do difficult things in their personal life to change Gainesville, Florida for the Kingdom of God.

“Though none go with me, still I will follow…” – S. Sundar Singh



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