Posted: June 16, 2009 in Random

I used to hate the Mellow Mushroom. I thought the pizza tasted like cheese and sauce on a sandy piece of cardboard.  It’s so weird how things change.  The other day my family was trying to choose a place to eat and I suggested Mellow Mushroom?!  I didn’t immediately realized that something had changed, but it didn’t take long to notice that the place I used to loath I now wanted to frequent.

It’s always interesting how God uses circumstances, tastes, and odd situations to teach you that He is in control.  I’m not saying that He made me like Mellow Mushroom, but I am saying that He controls our hearts. Anytime you control someone’s heart you can direct them like a fat man toward a buffet.  Men and women alike are deceived/inspired by their hearts and led to pursue stupid things, great things, and eternal things.  At the same time God is the only one that can actually understand our hearts (guess that’s because he made it?).

I guess the lesson I’m learning is to never get too comfortable or be too quick to judge.  We all know people we that grew on us, places we didn’t like going that we now frequent, and jobs that evolved into something amazing.  I say watch out and let God does His thing.

You never know what you could wake up tomorrow liking, doing, or wanting!


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