Beating a Dead Horse

Posted: June 25, 2009 in Random

There is a myth that Pastors like to talk.  OK, that’s not a myth, it’s for real.

I wonder sometimes if we are more in love with thinking and talking about doing stuff then actually doing it.  In other words, do we have so many meetings, brain-storming sessions, strategic lunches, and organizational charts that we can’t find the time to implement any of our ideas?

It’s kind of like beating a dead horse.  He ain’t running any faster if he is lying dead in the mud.  Ministry isn’t happening any better just because you talked about it and continually perfect your latest idea.

Corporations, Educators and others are just as guilty and fall into the same traps.  I can’t remember how many meetings we had as a teacher that kept us from grading papers, preparing for class or tutoring a student.  Instead we had to listen to the latest standard, testing procedure, or “motivational” speaker.

At the end of the day I think we often crowd up our days with meetings because we are afraid of the hard work. It’s easier to talk, Twitter, or write a blog then to actually make disciples.

  1. Dana Sutton says:

    Best blog post Ive read in a long time. I think you hit the nail on it’s head. 🙂

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