Not Fair!!

Posted: July 15, 2009 in Random

When you read the Bible and you observe humanity in the light of sin and the sovereignty of God, its pretty tough to make an argument that life is fair or that there is any chance of it every being that way. Furthermore, if people were honest nobody really wants it to be.  I mean how many people know people that married a women out of their league or got a job they didn’t deserve or was given grace when they deserved severe judgment?  Plenty!

I often experience this feeling of frustration or jealousy about fairness a little more during the MLB All-Star game.  No, I’m not saying I’m ticked that I didn’t get voted in or that I could have been a MLB player…it is just that my coach didn’t believe in me.

It has more to do with who is in that game…my college roommate, Freddy Sanchez. Great player, nice guy and he is an extremely skilled player and I’m happy for him.  I remember calling him the dirt devil, because nothing got by him.

The point I’m making isn’t that he shouldn’t get the $18.5 million contract that he signed recently, it’s that the dude used to sleep accross from me in a dorm (which he did more then he went to class) and now he makes millions because he can catch, throw and hit. He plays a game and I help people get to Heaven, but I don’t even know how I’m going to pay for my house next month or get the money to start Axiom Church.

Romans 9:20-21 is true, but it doesn’t make it feel any better right now. 😦

  1. Stephanie says:

    I love the transparency of this blog! Thank you for sharing.

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