Top OLC Memories: Stupid Videos

Posted: July 28, 2009 in Random

There is a perception out there that church staff doesn’t really work.  People think that Pastors just sit in their offices all day reading the Bible and praying.  We probably don’t help debunk that myth by making the crazy videos that we make from time to time at the Leaf, but they sure were a lot of fun.

I didn’t appear in all of them, but they are some of the memories that will make me smile the most next year, when I’m planting Axiom Church, instead of working at Oak Leaf.



Stealing the Mascot

The Choir

Crossing Over

Geico Prayer

  1. Tracy Kase says:

    seriously. anytime i need to laugh i go watch the supermodel video. hiiiilarious. my all-time fave.

  2. Carrie Gratto says:

    that is some good stuff!! all of those are great memories. i’m going to miss this church 😦

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