Top OLC Memories: House of Rock

Posted: July 29, 2009 in Random

There is something about graduation, the birth of your first baby, and getting married that is incredible gratifying and fulfilling, while being extremely sad at the same time.  You can’t ignore the fact that you are losing something significant, no matter how tremendous the gain.

When Michael and I took our first tour in the House of Rock, we came on a weekday after a rowdy concert and we were met by two guys that looked like Tank Abbot.  They gave us a tour and made it sound like they were the ones actually running things…turned out they were actually stealing things.

Anyway, we spent the next 2-3 months going back and forth about why the building would and wouldn’t work (I mostly played Devil’s Advocate) and we finally landed that it could work.  I then spent 3 months getting financing and the next 9 month supervising and leading the renovation project.

The day we moved in the building was a bittersweet moment, because it meant a lot of things to me personally.  For one, it was then end of the “Church at the Movies.” Second, it meant the end of being portable and the comrade shared by the guys on the setup team.  Finally, behind the scenes God seemed to be writing my story at Oak Leaf to end when the “Redeem the Rock” campaign ended.

I don’t think there will every be a time in my life when I don’t look back to the days of counting down the days till Mother’s Day (our grand opening), sledgehammering out walls, frantically finding resources, and checking daily on the progress the building with fondness and a huge sigh.

I always remember you House of Rock…


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