Top OLC Memories: The People

Posted: July 30, 2009 in Random

It’s just that plain and simple…I’m gonna miss the people.

You can’t hangout with the dedicated staff and the top notch volunteers at Oak Leaf Church for 3 years and walk away without your heart strings being plucked a little.  God made me without feelings (at least that is what my wife tells me), so I probably won’t cry a whole lot, but I’m going to really miss coming to work here every day and showing up for church on Sundays.

A list of the people who I will miss the most will probably get me in trouble…I’ll e-mail you guys later, so suffice it to say what I miss the most is the relationships and the comrade in trying to take over a community for Christ.  Nothing gets me more fired up then trying to Dominate this community for Christ through Oak Leaf Church.  This staff and church is serious about doing what it takes to reach people for Jesus and that passion is contagious and it will be missed.

Sure, I’ll miss Michael walking out of a meeting while someone is sharing their testimony, Jody’s tight shirts and hats, Jonathan’s crazy football predictions, Helen sweating when it’s 62, Will overly zealous declarations of things that are awesome, Matt’s manly thick beard and Coke addiction, making fun of people with Tracy, Mark’s tattoos/2X2’s/commitment, Brad’s sick ability to do anything, Jake leaving his computer somewhere, and Mache’s servant attitude….but I’ll miss the whole Church too.

Thanks for the memories!!

  1. Tracy Kase says:

    it’s okay. we can make fun of people through phone calls, emails and text messages. i’ll let you know when michael walks out of meetings at just the “right” moment and when Jody is wearing his silly hats on stage and when Will freaks out about how amazing and ridiculous something is…. promise. 🙂

  2. jonathan sutton says:

    I predict UF will cancel the 09 football campaign in order to focus on tennis and underwater basket weaving.

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