Mind Dump

Posted: August 14, 2009 in Random

I’m rather mixed up right now, because I feel like a CIA agent who has to convince his wife that he really is a Banker.  It’s like I’m living a double life.  Being a teacher that is trying to start a church is an interesting balancing act.

So, it is with mixed emotions I spill out the thoughts I am pondering into this blog:

  • It is remarkable how much I want to start this church, in comparison to how little I wanted to even attend church when I graduated seminary.
  • Sweet Tea is dangerous.  It can make you fat faster then Coke, because it doesn’t have carbonation which means you drink more and therefore consume more calories and get fatter faster.
  • If you don’t look back at yourself from 5 years ago and think…”that dude was stupid!” you need to read more books, have more experiences, and get to know more people.
  • The Church can’t die, no matter how many of its opponents inside and outside the church say it’s dying.  Remember that gates of Hell can’t overcome it stuff?
  • I can’t wait for this college football season!!  I think LSU is going to have a great year…really, I’m serious.
  • It stinks being away from my family.  I could never be in the military and just being away from family makes me respect the armed forces personnel.
  • We are all replaceable, but don’t take it personally.
  • I read last night in one of my old Experiencing God Bible Studies (13 or so years ago) that I wished I could understand better what God was saying to me.  Why is that still the case?!
  • The more you give of yourself to something or someone the more your will miss them/it.  It hurts, but it’s worth it to feel.
  • I’m reading an amazing book right now called, “What We Love the Church” and you should read it too.

All for now…


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