Posted: August 31, 2009 in Church Leadership, College Football, Random

I’m not sure if you follow sports, but one of the things that I love reading about is recruiting.  It’s not because I don’t get anything out of the season or my team always stinks so I’m stuck looking forward to next year.  It’s actually because I like following a player throughout their career.  It’s always interesting to see if they live up to expectations or if they are a bust.

Another thing that is very intriguing is watching to see if they can elevate their game to another level.  It’s more then typical to read an incoming freshman’s comment about how in High School they did this or that, but when they got to college everyone was just as good as them.  Instantly, they were starting over and having to earn a spot, not getting it just because they could go faster, jump higher, etc.

Watching these athletes get it shocks me how quickly we resolve to just stop competing in our Clark Kent lives.  You know, the lives where we aren’t superstars, just normal people doing normal stuff, but sit on so much potential.  Why is it that restaurant managers are often fine with just running a store to not get fired, keep everything average, and never trying to push themselves.  Why is it normal to walk into a old church and see them trying the same old tired techniques to bring lost people in or to connect their current audience with God in worship?  I don’t think conferences are the answer, but instead it might be visiting the big leagues (wherever that is for you).

When are you going to take your game to the next level?


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