Speedy Gonzales

Posted: September 9, 2009 in Random

I’m sure there are some cops that would disagree with this post, but I’m convinced of the following opinions.  Just like I’m convinced that Ohio State is overrated and ACC should stand for Almost College Competition.

I’ve only been driving for 16 years, but I’m thoroughly convinced that cops aren’t really trying to stop speeding.  What they are really after is in instilling fear of being caught speeding and thus ruining your day.  Plus, generating revenue and getting to see how the new tuneup is working out on their car.

If the State and Federal governments wanted to keep people from disobeying traffic laws they would employ completely different methods. Seriously, if you wanted to make sure people didn’t run red lights you would install traffic cams and just mail tickets (I know they have these in some places).  If you knew you would receive a picture of your car in the intersection and a $100 ticket I bet you wouldn’t be punching the gas when you see a yellow light.

Speeding is no different.  Radar detectors, cameras, and a ticket in the mail would seriously crack down on speeding. Heck you could just have factory install governers put in vehicles that maxed out car at 75 (fastest posted speed limit I’ve seen).

I don’t know why we pretend to want to stop something and then employ disgustingly inept means of curbing the offenders, but it’s obvious we just want the appearance of seriousness, not the real deal.  Kinda like rent-a-cops, neighborhood watch groups, and mace on your key chain.


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