“It’s Not You It’s Me!”

Posted: September 16, 2009 in Church Leadership, Random

There are so many perspectives to take when something fails.  You can take the attitude that you gave it your best shot, did everything you could, but your best efforts weren’t enough.  You can blame it on circumstances out of your control.  You could just pretend not to care and say that it doesn’t really matter. Or, you could investigate all of the factors and see what the common forces may have been that resulted in failure (lack of funds, poor planning, wrong people involved, bad timing, etc.).

Not matter your choice there are always three things that are true.  It’s either because of you, God, or both.

For instance, no matter how bad I want to dunk a basket, it ain’t gonna happen.  I’m too short for my jumping ability or I can’t jump for my height…whichever you prefer.  Reality is God made me this way and no matter how much I try, the best I can hope for jumping on a trampoline as a mascot at halftime or lowering the goal.

Likewise, if I set out to start a business, a church, have another kid, etc. I am either part of the solution or part of the problem. God is either going to choose to bless my efforts or He is going to teach me something about myself along the way.  Possible lessons are you can’t lead, preach, manage, don’t have enough money, charisma, friends, or you have Guidestone and it would cost you $10,000 (baby of course).

Question: Are you being honest with yourself and determining if it’s you or God?  Somebody is the reason you aren’t where you want to be, so you better get it straight.


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