Where have all the good people gone?

Posted: October 8, 2009 in Random, Theology

That’s a deceptive question and also a good song by Jack Johnson.  You may have heard someone say about a teenager, “he is a good kid, he just makes bad choices.”  To that I say, “Whatever!”

We can debate about what a “good” person actually looks like, but then reality strikes.   If you try to make a list of the attributes of bad person its going to include their choices.  If they make more bad choices then good ones they are a “bad” person…and vice versa.  You probably add a scale to try and make some bad decisions count more and thus put them in “bad” person category…but all of that is a waste of time.

Although some people’s names make you cringe and others make you smile, the reality is that we are all “bad” people who just make good choices from time to time.  If someone says Hitler, you think “bad” person.  If someone says Mother Teresa, it’s natural to say she was a “good” person.

Unfortunately, Paul clears up the debate for us in Romans 3…everyone sucks, we don’t get how bad we really are and we can’t do anything about it in our own power.  See Romans 3:10-12

We need to quit solving people’s problems by attacking the symptoms and not the root cause.  People need Jesus, not just self-control, a little maturity, or better friends…but that’s just me, oh and Paul.


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