Just force it!

Posted: October 17, 2009 in Church Leadership, Random

If you have taken Physics somewhere along the way you have heard of this agent of nature.  Force = Mass X Area.  In other words if you have a sharp object that weighs a lot pressing down, its going to leave a mark.  If you pick up a marshmallow off a table, nobody would even be able to tell it was there.

I learned a long time ago that in preaching “force” is critical.  If you deliver a sermon full of insights, research, and Scripture, but people aren’t moved to do anything you preached about…then your sermon lacks force.  If you have a creative talk, full of pithy sayings or proverbs, and moving stories that cause people to seriously evaluate their lives…your talk had adequate force.

Some preachers get a bad rap for being too deep enough and other pastors that are full of insights and observations are criticized for not being meaty enough.

At the end of the day you can boil down anointed preaching to one thing…force.  If you audience leaves the same as they came into church, then there is a strong chance the preaching lacked force.


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