Posted: November 1, 2009 in Church Leadership, Theology

It’s scratches on my truck, a stain on my shirt, a bad meal, or something that I’ve lost.  Everyone deals with it in different degrees and get it in different doses…regret!

When I survey my life there aren’t a lot of serious regrets.  Maybe, I’m obtuse, maybe I’m not as spiritual as I should be, but I feel like the mistakes that I made weren’t killers and they weren’t debilitating to the point that they affected me forever.  That doesn’t mean there weren’t some times that I was teetering on the line and it could have gone very differently.

Unfortunately for me the book of James is pretty convicting.  It tells me it’s not enough to keep myself from doing something stupid…I’ve got a responsibility as a Christ-Follower to do something with my faith.  My personal regrets have everything to do with things I didn’t do, when I had the opportunity.  When my life is always about me and I don’t do anything about injustice, the poor, or the lost…I’m one of the worst sinners ever.

I think it’s very possible that our churches in America may be filled with the most notorious sinners on the planet and they aren’t “doing” anything wrong!!


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