Centrifugal Force

Posted: January 25, 2010 in Church Leadership, Random

At some point as a kid you’ve probably proven that centrifugal force exists.  Maybe it was a risky move like whirling a can of paint round and round, or a less risky endeavor like a bucket of water outside in the yard.  Either way you couldn’t help notice that even when the bucket was upside down the liquid stayed in the bucket.  Hence, the rule of centrifugal force is proven.  Objects tend to move away from the center of gravity…even if that means smack dab into the bottom of the bucket.

Spiritual things tend to result in a similar reaction.  Most people find it much harder to get up early for church, then for a trip to the beach.  It’s easier to buy new jeans then put money into the offering.  Meeting a friend a Starbucks is much more fun then lunch with a pastor.  Essentially, it’s much easier for us to run away spiritual things then to go toward them.

If we don’t challenge ourselves to find the bottom of our bucket, whatever it may be, we will always find ourselves running from God.  Ignore the Holy Spirit enough…you won’t notice when He is speaking.  Stop reading the Bible regularly…your decisions will be based on something lacking.  Avoid church and you will find yourself alone when you experience a setback or need hope.

Does your bucket have holes or is your water all gone?


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