Connect the Dots

Posted: January 29, 2010 in Church Leadership, Random

Let’s be honest…most of what you have accomplished in life you couldn’t have done on your own.  For me to get everyone of my jobs I needed divine intervention, because there were surely many qualified candidates that were turned down to make room for me.

Take my first teaching job.  I had no teaching degree and no real credentials, yet I ended up being in one of the best districts in Fort Worth.  All I did was relentlessly hand out my resume in person to principles and pray…nothing else.  I guess I did brush my teeth!?

God has always blessed a combination of my own effort or initiative with His sovereign provision.  If you aren’t sure what I’m talking about look at the story of Isaac getting a wife in Genesis 24.

Essentially, Abraham wants Isaac to have a wife from his own people.  To know whom God intends for Isaac to marry Abraham’s servant takes off on a journey and begs God to show him who he should bring back.  Through a little scenario he thinks up when he arrives on the scene Isaac has a wife…nose ring and all.

No matter how literal you want to apply this to your circumstances you know that God has often put you in right place at the right time to receive His goodness.  You can also probably remember when you put yourself in a bad spot and thus got into trouble.

My advice: Be an answer to your prayers (action), pray for provision (supernatural ammo), see where God is working and pounce (faith in action).

  1. TheDeeZone says:

    Did you teach in Crowley?

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