Khakis to Camo…cont.

Posted: February 11, 2010 in Church Leadership, Theology

God’s is sovereign over where you are born, in which family, and how many brothers and sister you will have.  It continues over how much money your parents will have for your education and if you will get a good internship.

You can’t read the Old Testament and not see God’s hand in the success of Jacob’s livestock and Joseph’s career (albeit a long journey) and think it’s all arbitrary.  The implications are that God props up one person based His choosing before they were born and on their obedience in this life.

What about the habitually poor?  Are they that way because they applied for a job and didn’t get it?  Because they stole something at one job and nobody else would give them a job?   Maybe for a DUI that still haunts them on their record?  Sure.  But, it’s also because they were chosen to bear that burden.  God could have let Esau have Jacob’s legacy, but Esau got the shaft from God and he sold his birthright.

I think a wise application of this reality is living with a healthy does of thanksgiving and a respect for your position.  Plus, a faithful use of the gifts, abilities, and wealth He allowed you to have.  Maybe even a large dose of sympathy and relief directed at those less fortunate…


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