Daily Suicide

Posted: October 7, 2010 in Discipleship

Following Jesus, or more accurately, being His disciple is an amazingly difficult thing to define.  It seems that every pastor, preacher, or theologian has a different definition.  I’m not much smarter than a 5th grader, so I’m confident well-meaning people will find holes in my theology and exegesis, but I’m going to confidently lay down what I believe Jesus is saying in Matthew 16:24-26.

On this side of those verses, nearly 2000 years later, we hear the word “Cross” and see it as a religious symbol, jewelry, link it to Jesus, and often speak of it with ignorant passion.

When Jesus said, “and take up his cross and follow me,” nobody in His audience was thinking any of those things.  They were thinking tortuous killing device and that’s it.  They knew it meant you were going to die, it was a sure thing, and if you picked up a cross you were going to be essentially committing suicide.

If you do this painful, tortuous process, daily…what’s the point?

I think it’s somewhat simple in theory, incredibly difficult in practice.  The instructions Jesus is giving to a serious disciples is to kill our desires, grasp what Jesus’ will is for our life, and start living as a new creation.  Anything less and we will err on the side of fulfilling our fleshly desires, follow the “other master” (money), and then get to end of our life scrambling to find something with enough value to buy back our corrupted soul.

Being a disciple isn’t injuring our desires, goals, and wants it’s killing them.


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