Posted: October 10, 2010 in Church Leadership

We have a paradox at Axiom Church that I find mind numbing and difficult to appease…which is expressly what makes it a paradox, I guess.

The members of our church all want us to grow.  We want to reach new people and we want to carry out the vision God has given us beyond the homes and people we have now.  But, the road to take is less than clear.  I might even say it’s mostly foggy.  Here is the dilemma that has caused our great leadership conundrum.

We  have created a church based on Cell Groups, which we call Axiom Groups.  They aren’t just small groups they are miniature churches that are designed to create genuine Christian community, help people use their spiritual gifts, and allow the whole body to participate in making disciples.

We also do a monthly worship service that is an opportunity for the groups to celebrate what God is doing in their groups.  It’s done monthly instead of weekly, because it allows us to truly promote our groups as the most important thing we do and inject the DNA of our church into a cell church model…not the traditional funnel approach (gather a crowd and force them into small groups).

So, we could do a mailer, an e-mail blast, and pass out tons of invites, but to what end?  If we invite our community to our Axiom Groups that meet in people’s homes it’s extremely tough to get people to visit.  They need a really strong relationship with a group member. That’s because these groups are intimate, you can’t blend in, and it’s almost impossible to just sit there.  But, if we point strangers to our monthly worship service we lose them and momentum in the 3+ weeks between services.  Furthermore, if at the service we tell these guests, who are just meeting us, to come to our Axiom Groups we are back at the beginning.  Trying to get people to check out an intimate Christian community and that lacks an easy semi-anonymous trial of our church.

I’m not sure what do we do or how we bridge the gap?  How do we avoid lessening the influence and importance our groups if we have more services.  We place a premium on our Axiom Groups and we can’t afford to cheapen their influence at this point.  But, we have to find an evangelism strategy that works.

Anyone good at puzzles?


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