Posted: October 12, 2010 in Church Leadership

Our mission and vision statement at Axiom are all wrapped up into the following statement: “LISTENING to God, DOING what He says, and GOING where He sends.”

We don’t try to be fancy or clever at Axiom Church. Trying to outdo other churches, pastors, or ministries would be unattainable and if we accomplished it we would have done nothing for the Kingdom, but draw attention to ourselves.

As simply as we can put it, we want people to learn to hear from God.  As they get better at listening we want to come along side them as a church and help them apply it in their lives.  When they get good at making application for themselves, then the natural next step is for them to take what they have learned and share it with others…in Gainesville, or to the ends of the Earth.

If we create, with God the Holy Spirit’s help, 50 people in our church whole-heartedly committed to this vision…we could have a nuclear impact in Gainesville.

Listen. Do. Go.

  1. Hearing from God is the hardest thing to learn in my opinion… but it’s certainly the most rewarding and fulfilling.

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