Do you go to a “New Testament Church?” Probably not. (PART 1 of 4)

Posted: October 14, 2010 in Church Leadership, Theology

I realized before tackling this subject that there are great scholars with Ph.D.’s that have probably already written amazing and thorough books about this question.  They probably considered various historical, sociological, and practical trends in both the New Testament and modern church.  You can be sure that they could and probably will continue to argue more eloquently for their point of view, but it doesn’t I should keep quiet…so I won’t.

Here is what I know from what I see in the Bible (I’m not and archeologist, so I didn’t dig up scroll somewhere in Jerusalem to make these conclusions).  The New Testament Church throughout the book of Acts and during the time of Paul’s letters (to various churches) met both in the Temple and in homes.  There should not be any serious contrarian that would propose anything other than that.  It’s black and white and irrefutable unless you don’t believe or can’t read the Bible.

Many a Christian leader has said or attempted to show what “Biblical” Church should look like.  Normally their initial definition for a New Testament church is found in Acts 2:46.  Mostly, I now hear these verses coming from Organic Churches or House Churches to fuel their very different ecclesiology.

I find it very ironic that in that in this same verse it says they worshiped in the Temple and celebrated the Lord’s Supper in homes (not that they had “church” in their homes). From this we find a mode for the church to function that ignores this vivid description for what it is was.  Thus, we create an extra-Biblical idea and become terrible Bible scholars in the process.

To Be Continued…


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