Do you go to a “New Testament” Church? Probably Not. (PART 2 of 4)

Posted: October 15, 2010 in Church Leadership, Theology

If we were to continue to look at the book of Acts to find ammunition for a type of church gathering it can be somewhat discouraging.  Practical ways to organize the church aren’t mapped out like they are all over the shelves of our Christian bookstores.  We will even find genuine and well-meaning authors arriving at seemingly contradictory ideas.  Like is my custom, I’d rather see what the Bible actually says then what people have concluded.

For instance in Acts 3, Peter preached in the Temple to Jews telling them they killed Jesus.  This is the modern equivalent to a Christian minister going into a mosque and talking about how much Jesus loves the Muslims, while reminding them of September 11th.   I don’t know too many people with the guts to attempt that and I’m not sure it would bear fruit anyway.

Obviously, we know Peter was trying to reach Jews, but the church (the called out ones), who had accepted the fact that Jesus was indeed the Messiah, were worshiping and gather from the beginning of the book.  Where and how is what everyone likes to pontificate about in books, blogs, and sermons.

In the first chapter of Acts we find the Apostles, disciples, and other “followers of the way” continually praying together.  It says there were 120 of them were together, but doesn’t tell us a location.  On the day of Pentecost we finally get a clue as to where they might have been hanging out…in a home according to Acts 2:2.  They were “all together” in one place which happened to be a home.

If we can take Acts 1:15 literally, there were at least 120 believers praying and waiting for the Holy Spirit in this building.  That’s a “church meeting in a home” on a pretty large scale, whether it’s practical or not today, it’s straight from the Bible.

What should we make of it?  Well, I think it was strictly convenience…120 people in a house doesn’t sound practical, but it isn’t realistic to do a Capital Campaign and build a Temple for worship in 7 weeks either.  They did what they could with what they had.

To Be Continued…


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