Put down the donut and step away!!

Posted: October 27, 2010 in Discipleship

When Jesus stepped out of Heaven and decided to take His 33 year sojourn on this Earth He had a very obvious agenda.  As I see it, it was announce the Kingdom of God, challenge people to live by faith, do miracles, and to make disciples.  This way His legacy was secure and His disciples could carry on these tenets when He left.  It goes without saying that He accomplished His mission quite well.

As we look back back on the Scriptures (hindsight being 20/20) it seems clear as crystal what He was doing.  What was shocking and provocative 2000 years ago is vividly clear to us.  So, why is the execution of it so complicated?  Why are there so many books trying to find some edge, or missing element, or uncover a lost truth.  Why has discipleship become so difficult and complicated, while producing so few people willing to execute Jesus’ teachings?  Is it simply that we aren’t divine and therefore can’t do it as good as Jesus.

I don’t think so…He said we would do more.

I think the reason is that we don’t believe Him.  We don’t believe He was serious in the Sermon on the Mount or that Kingdom of Heaven is here (and we are it’s citizens), or that His return is eminent.  Argue if you must, but if your doctor (who graduated from Harvard medical school and was the President’s personal physician) said, “eat one more donut and you will die,” you would probably never go near a Krispy Kreme in your life.  Just saying…


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