If you have an itch…

Posted: November 14, 2012 in Discipleship, Theology

I once had a professor at Southwestern who impressed me in a profound way. Maybe it’s because he the first professor that had a brain and a personality. Or, maybe it was his well-rounded intelligence….He could speak a little bit about nearly any subject. Whatever it was one day after class I asked him a question (in my uniquely goofy way), “How do I get as smart as you?” His answer wasn’t exactly what I expected. He said, “When you have an itch, scratch it.”

It was obvious a follow up question would be needed, so I said “What do you mean?” He responded, “Someone I admired once told me that if was curious about anything I should read 3 books on the subject. If you read 5 you’ll be an expert. That’s because every author reads dozens of books to write their own. If you read 5 its like having read the highlights of 50 books.”

I’ve read 5 books on many subjects and never been invited to pontificate (my prof’s favorite word) on CNN, but I know I’m a lot smarter. Maybe I’ll never be like Dr. Sands, but I know I feel prepared to talk intelligently on a lot more subjects than I did 10 years ago. As a starting point for your deep journey I’m listing my favorite books on various subjects. If you finish this list you probably won’t be an expert either. But, that itch you have will be a lot less annoying after you’ve scratched it…

Spiritual Disciplines:

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